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Democrats’ Identity Politics Civil War Expands To Campaign Committee

The infighting consuming Democrats this year has spread beyond the presidential primary campaign and House caucus to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Conservatives’ popcorn machines are overflowing.

According to Politico, DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos was making an unplanned flight from her Illinois district back to DC during a six-week recess to address what critics describe as “complete chaos,” due to the committee’s alleged lack of nonwhite people in its senior ranks.

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In general, the DCCC does not lack people of politically favored groups. Rep. Jim Costa told Politico: “The representation within the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is higher now than during the previous chair.” Prior to the midterm elections, the committee boasted its staff was 38 percent “racially diverse” and 50 percent women. The committee also claimed its senior staff was 52 percent “diverse,” which is the current bone of contention.  […]

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