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Democrats are getting ready to govern responsibly on climate change

Former vice president Joe Biden in Philadelphia on March 10. (Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post) GLOBAL WARMING has not taken a break since the covid-19 outbreak struck. The Democrats, at least, are treating it like the emergency it remains.

House Democrats released late last month a massive climate plan , a package of bills that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) has vowed to advance through her chamber. Meanwhile, a committee that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and primary rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) convened to reconcile their views on climate policy has agreed on some top-line principles. If the Democrats win big in November, they would have a shelf fully stocked with pre-written climate policies from which to choose. That alone puts them far ahead of Republicans.

Still, the House’s very detailed plan is a huge policy grab bag that would require refinement if it were close to becoming law, and Mr. Biden should be thinking now about how to winnow it down — and how to avoid promising too much to fringe activists during the campaign.

House Democrats propose requiring that all electricity come from clean sources by 2040, by imposing a national clean-electricity mandate that would require utilities to derive […]

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