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Dannehy Resignation Confirms Barr’s Intent to Use Durham Probe for Political Ends


On Friday, the Hartford Courant reported that Assistant United States Attorney Nora Dannehy had resigned in protest from the Department of Justice’s inquiry into the origins of the Russia probe. An experienced, by-the-book prosecutor, her presence on the team was a salve to institutionalists who worried that Attorney General William Barr was conducting a sham investigation designed to bolster Donald Trump’s presidency. Her involvement gave the endeavor a veneer of legitimacy. That is now gone.

Having served as a federal prosecutor and head of the Public Corruption Task Force in Connecticut, I am especially concerned about these recent developments.

Barr’s announcement that he had started an examination into the origins of the Russia inquiry was suspect from the start. Barr had come to his position deeply skeptical of the investigation overseen by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. His decision to formally review the origins of the Russia probe was unusual; the DOJ has an internal investigator, the inspector general, who was already examining whether any misconduct led to the start of the Mueller probe into the Trump campaign. Barr’s decision to order an additional inquiry was duplicative – and concerning.

However, Barr’s choice to appoint John Durham to spearhead the investigation signaled […]

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