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Dallas Health Care Fraud Lawyer Explains Healthcare Fraud in the Age of a Pandemic

Dallas, TX, July 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At an estimated annual cost of about $300 billion, the American people have been suffering from the consequences of healthcare fraudsters for a long time. But the increased fear, slackened health care regulations, and general anxiety has made the health care system even more at risk of fraudulent activity in the age of COVID-19.

What Is Healthcare Fraud?
Healthcare fraud comes in many forms, but can be generally defined as any crime that is committed that is involved with defrauding a health insurance policy says Dallas area criminal defense lawyer Clint Broden.

Examples of Provider Healthcare Fraud Sending bills for services never performed

Falsifying test results or diagnoses in order to justify unnecessary treatment

Billing for a service that is more expensive than the one performed
Taking kickbacks for patients that were referred from elsewhere Other forms of patient over-billing Examples of Consumer Healthcare Fraud Making insurance claims for services or medications not received or needed Forging receipts, bills, or medical documents Impersonating another person to use their coverage Healthcare Fraud During a Pandemic While the surface context of COVID-19 […]

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