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Curley: Conservative millennials wary about talking politics



Curley: Conservative millennials wary about talking politics

Since I started working in the political world, I’ve been asked one question over and over, “What do your friends think about your political leanings?”

The truth is that for the most part I don’t usually discuss politics with my close friends.

We talk about “Real Housewives of New York” and wedding planning and celebrity breakups and work stress and podcast recommendations and eyebrow pencils and diets and desserts.

Maintaining my few close friendships trumps (no pun intended) my temptation to talk about Biden’s mental decline or #FillingTheSeat.

But I do understand why the question comes up time and again. Like most movie stars, professional athletes and famous musicians — millennials do tend to lean left.

Need proof? Check out social media.

Instagram has changed drastically over the last few years.

Formerly used as an app to post pictures of puppies and iced coffee, the “gram” is now heavily […]

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