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Creating Equality in Caregiving

Caretaking is no easy feat; it’s an emotionally and physically taxing responsibility that requires help and support. However, for many LGBTQ caregivers, inclusive support can be difficult to find. Many existing courses and resources for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients aren’t tailored to the specific needs and experiences of the LGBTQ community. That’s why Dr. Whitney Wharton, a clinical investigator and cognitive neuroscientist at Emory University, is developing a course made specifically for LGBTQ caregivers in the Atlanta area. Inspired by her own experience seeking support as a caretaker, Dr. Wharton hopes to inspire confidence in LGBTQ caregivers while addressing the possible shortcomings that exist in the world of Alzheimer’s prevention research.

“I am a caregiver for a cancer patient, so I am familiar with the role. I was looking at an existing program for my work with dementia that I thought was was helpful, but I didn’t necessarily see myself in,” Dr. Wharton, told Georgia Voice . “Some of the language and examples used weren’t representative of an LGBTQ person’s interaction with a person with dementia.”

Dr. Wharton has dedicated the last decade of her life to research focusing on individuals who are underrepresented in the realm of dementia caregiving, including […]

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