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Covid-19 may sideline UN sustainable development goals in Caribbean

How can the United Nations sustainable development goals improve health and education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth while the small states of the Caribbean are responding to, and recovering from the pandemic of Covid-19?

Clearly, the Caribbean must adapt to the current changes in the international order where a cohesive foreign policy is concerned. However, the United Nations sustainable development goals should also be adamant in providing “investment in research to find a universal flu vaccine” and advocate military-style tactical planning to support the frail populations in the Caribbean region as well.

Indeed, the Caribbean must also be forced to change its trade and investment preferences, as its poorly situated economies take a dive into global competition. Still, in a new post Covid-19 era, the need for food security, gender equality and new trading partners in the small states of the Caribbean region must also strengthen the need for more operative policy resolutions within the ranks of the United Nations Sustainable development goals program.

According to a World Trade Organization forecast, Covid-19 would lead to a contraction in global trade of between 13 percent and 32 percent.” This means that as the Caribbean’s trade partialities with the EU and the United […]

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