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COVID-19 forcing Connecticut health care providers to ration protective masks

This is an N95 mask at Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Right now, while officials at Hartford HealthCare say they have enough N95 masks that there won’t have to be multiple use, providers say different. Personal protective equipment — or PPE — for health care workers combating COVID-19 is in short supply. Despite a run on this type of gear, doctors and nurses have to move forward with treatment. In-demand items include head covers, gloves, and maybe the most sought-after piece of PPE – N95 respirator face masks. Dr. Jim Cardon, Hartford HealthCare’s chief clinical integration officer, told reporters at a Monday news conference that the hospital network’s supply of this type of mask is currently in “good shape,” and that there wasn’t yet a need to ration the N95s by way of re-use. “We don’t do that unless we are convinced it’s […]

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