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Could COVID-19 Set Economic Equality Back?

Illustration courtesy of Shutterstock Recently, Worth ran a story about the top questions investment advisors were getting asked. That was over a month ago, and according to Bernstein Private Wealth Management’s cohead of investment strategies, Beata Kirr, the questions have already changed. “A month ago, the key client question was, ‘When’s it going to stop? Am I going to be okay? How big is the decline going to be?’” At the end of April when we spoke to Kirr (pictured left), they’d begun receiving questions such as, ‘What’s with the disconnect in the market going up versus the economic headlines and how I feel?’, ‘What does that mean for the back half of this year? Do we expect the markets to pivot again? Keep it downside? Or are we off to the races?’, ‘How do we fix this?’, ‘Where does this go long-term?’, ‘When’s the vaccine?’ and ‘How do we get out of it?’

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Worth caught up with Kirr, who is also the host of Bernstein’s Women & Wealth podcast , to discuss not only the top questions their clients are asking, but also how this pandemic is affecting women founders and entrepreneurs financially and how it could affect […]

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