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Cooper: We’re becoming more and more afraid to express our political beliefs, Cato survey shows

Associated Press File Photo / Conservative author Ann Coulter is one of many on the right who have seen their addresses canceled because of threats of bodily harm. If you’ve bitten your tongue before giving your opinion to counter that of some bloviating loudmouth who is not afraid to give his or hers, you’re not alone.

And if your opinions are conservative, you’ve done it a lot more often.

That’s what the truly evil cancel culture has exacerbated, though the political climate had been trending that way before the recent rash of receiving consequences for your political beliefs became so prevalent.

A recent Cato Institute survey says nearly two-thirds (62%) of Americans say the political climate prevents them from espousing their own beliefs because someone might find them offensive. And that number has risen 4% in the last three years.

The most glaring example of this was the 2016 presidential election when millions of Americans wouldn’t tell pollsters for whom they were voting, or wouldn’t tell them accurately. The result was that almost no one forecast the upset win by Donald Trump.

That upset, and the visceral hate leveled on the president since by Democrats, Hollywood, academia and the national media, has made […]

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