End the duopoly

Conscious Capitalism, ESG, & Social Justice


Unprecedented times require us to change and adapt… how can we go about it?

Human rights, social justice, community impact, inclusion & diversity in the workplace — Now, more than ever, these topics are at the forefront of people’s minds.

It is important to note that there are numerous ways to sustain your local, national, and global communities – but one way, in particular, is to vote with your dollars for companies whose goals and initiatives are in line with your own.

This is where ESG investing comes into play. ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social, & Governance and these three non-financial factors can provide an additional layer of analytics and insight into a company’s behavior and impacts.

When you invest in a company with a high ESG score, you are supporting a company that exceeds either their Environmental, Social, or Corporate Governance practices.

The Social aspect of ESG most commonly include diversity & inclusion, gender equality, human rights, community involvement, and labor standards.

Incorporating these socially-focused ESG screens into your existing portfolio means that you have the opportunity to endorse companies that promote strong socially-conscious ideals. This is […]

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