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Completing the Census is a Social Justice Issue

A survey recording a household’s likelihood to complete the census conducted by the U.S Census Bureau in 2018 reported that nearly a quarter of Americans said they would not complete the census due to concerns over a lack of data privacy and mistrust in the government.

The majority of these respondents identified with one or more of what the Bureau is calling “Hard to Count Communities”. These communities include individuals with limited education, limited English, limited income, and/or unstable housing and are often located in underfunded areas. These are the very groups that the Census was created to support, and, without a complete count, they are at risk to lose crucial funding for community services. And to make matters worse, these groups will be relegated to the shadows for another 10 years.

Anti-immigration messaging and reduced Census funding from the current federal administration has contributed to the idea that Census data can be used in ways that could be harmful to individuals and families. This is particularly frightening to our undocumented neighbors. Community leaders have been working to alleviate this misinformation, but people are still confused about whether or not a question about citizenship status will be on the Census. Just […]

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