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The ‘Comings & Goings’ column chronicles important life changes of Blade readers. The Comings & Goings column is about sharing the professional successes of our community. We want to recognize those landing new jobs, new clients for their business, joining boards of organizations and other achievements. Please share your successes with us at comingsandgoings@washblade.com . Rev. Earl E. Johnson Congratulations to the Rev. Earl E. Johnson on the publication of his new book, “Finding Comfort during Hard Times: A Guide to Healing after Disease, Violence and other Community Trauma.” Johnson is a Disaster Spiritual Care Manager and chaplain. For 10 years he was the national spiritual care manager for the American Red Cross. He recruited, screened, trained, and deployed highly credentialed healthcare chaplains to mass fatality events. Johnson was also part of a team that assessed and planned emotional and spiritual support for the victims and loved ones of such horrific unanticipated events. He coordinated professional spiritual care support after fatal domestic aviation incidents, massive Gulf hurricanes including Katrina, Rita, and Gus, the Virginia Tech shootings, and Orlando. He has made numerous TV appearances and lectured at universities including Michigan State, Michigan, and Radford/Virginia Tech at disaster preparedness conferences. […]

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