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Column: Diversity and social justice: related, not redundant

Hide caption Stephanie Hightower, Guest columnist Many people from the community have reached out to me recently, seeking to understand, support and advance the cause of racial justice. I applaud and appreciate their candor and compassion.

But, in the course of many of these conversations, I often find a need to start our dialogue by revisiting basic concepts, establishing a shared language and mutually understood definitions. Clarity counts.

The most common misunderstanding I’ve encountered is the assumption that diversity and social justice are interchangeable. While both terms carry positive connotations, they’re neither synonyms nor antonyms. They’re related, not repetitive.

Diversity implies a concerted, overt effort to seek out and listen to voices and opinions unlike your own, ideas sown and incubated by different life experiences. It calls you to consult, respect and respond to people different from you.

Diversity stands out as a hallmark of thoughtful, successful leadership. Studies have long captured that companies headed by diverse boards excel. For example, industry analysts at McKinsey & Company just released their third in-depth study of corporate diversity. They conclude unequivocally that businesses led by more varied teams achieve greater profitability than those with more homogeneous teams by 36%.

Likewise, innovation entrepreneurs such as Ideo, the […]

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