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Climate Crew: Kids inspired Detroit mom to join fight for clean air, climate change solutions

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The constant barrage of news about climate change and drinking water contamination and pollution in the Great Lakes can feel overwhelming. If you care, it’s hard to know what to do or where to start.

Stateside is kicking off a new ongoing series that features ordinary people who decided to do something about it. They identified a problem – no matter how big or small – and chose to act.

These are the people in your neighborhood working to make Michigan a greener place. We’re calling them the “Climate Crew.”

Our first member of the crew is Nicky Marcot. She’s a stay-at-home mom and environmental activist who lives in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit.

Marcot says she was inspired to get more involved in environmental activism after a friend posted an article on Facebook. It talked about how some younger people in their 20s and 30s are deciding not to have children because of the looming threat of climate change. She says she loves her life, and wants to ensure her children have the same healthy, stable existence.

“I don’t want them to have to think about whether they’re going to have kids. I want them to have that be a no-brainer,” Marcot explained. “I want them to not have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from or whether they’ve got access to clean water and those are all real problems that will arise if nothing changes.”  […]

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