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Climate change playing a role in Montana’s U.S. Senate race



Climate change playing a role in Montana’s U.S. Senate race

Steve Bullock and Steve Daines Montana Gov. Steve Bullock quit the Democrats’ presidential contest in December, then announced his campaign a few months later to oust Republican incumbent Sen. Steve Daines. Bullock now finds himself in one of the nation’s most closely watched election fights of 2020—a toss up race that could help flip the U.S. Senate from Republican to Democratic control and make way for national climate action.

Democrats need to nab four seats held by Republicans to reclaim the Senate majority, or three GOP seats and a Democratic White House for a tie-breaking vice president’s vote. That’s why a New York Times opinion piece described Bullock, a Helena lawyer who’s won praise for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as “the most important person on the planet.”

During his presidential run, the Democrat told the Washington Post that he favored a “more focused” clean-energy program than the Green New Deal, and he said U.S. climate policy “must be ambitious, durable…[and have] a bipartisan foundation.” Although he opposed Obama-era fracking rules, Bullock told the Post he supported significant increases in renewables, energy efficiency and investing in carbon capture, along with reversing the Trump administration’s fuel-efficiency standard rollbacks and withdrawal from […]

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