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Climate Change

Climate Change And Big Data: Investing For A Solution



Climate Change And Big Data: Investing For A Solution

There are plenty of pervasive myths about the state of climate change today, like that it’s a far-off problem or that it can’t be real because it’s cold out. As important as debunking these myths is, there are two misconceptions that are actively preventing our ability to reverse the damage: The problems we face outnumber our solutions, and climate change and capital investment are fundamentally at odds.

If you Google “climate change” right now, you’ll see no shortage of scary headlines and negative news stories that paint a very bleak future. However, there are also many positive developments that are rarely reported on or talked about, particularly regarding the emerging intersections of technology and energy.

Most of you have probably heard the term “internet of things,” or IoT for short, and you’ve no doubt seen it improve your own lives on a daily basis. It’s basically when machines communicate directly without any human interaction. If you set the security alarm in your house this morning from your phone, started your car while you were still in your kitchen or transferred the number of steps stored on your Fitbit to your computer, then you know how much easier IoT can make your life.

In my experience working at my company, a “data as a service” organization focused on investments in renewable energy, I’ve seen firsthand that not many people are aware that IoT has the potential to also save the planet.