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Clack: Yearning to breathe free of Trump’s politics



Clack: Yearning to breathe free of Trump’s politics

President Donald Trump arrives for an ABC News town hall at the National Constitution Center last week. His comments undermine faith in his administration and a peaceful transfer of power. There are historical moments that are breathtaking. Moments that make us hold our breath in suspense or wonder; moments that steal our breath with their beauty; moments that make us gasp in horror.

In this moment we are in, not only are we living in a breathtaking time but in a time defined by the ability or denial of taking a breath.

Famously inscribed on the Statue of Liberty are Emma Lazarus’ words, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.”

In this moment we are tired, exhausted even. The inequities endured by our poor have widened and become more visible. Our masses are not so huddled (nor should they be) because of social distancing. At no time in our nation’s history have so many of us yearned to breathe free. By Cary Clack, Express-News Columnist

To breathe free of a deadly virus passing in the air. To breathe free of chokeholds, to breathe without a knee on the back of our necks blocking off passages […]

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