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Charlize Theron: Donald Trump’s Political Rise “Fed Into The Story” In ‘Bombshell,’ But Shouldn’t Overshadow It

Charlize Theron told a D.C. screening of that even though the movie is about the women at Fox News who exposed Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment, there was no way to avoid getting into politics and Donald Trump.

Theron portrays Megan Kelly, who moderated the first Republican presidential debate in 2015 and quickly sparred with Trump over a question she asked about his treatment of women. That moment is featured in the movie.

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“The strange thing was that the story itself kind of dictated to us that that had to be in the movie,” Theron told CNN’s Dana Bash at a post-screening Q&A. “At the same time, I think we were all somewhat concerned that we didn’t want politics to overshadow what the movie was really about, but the politics really fed into the story because outside of the workplace, she was still dealing with it in a different way.

“She was basically brave enough to kind of take on [Trump] that at that time, all this information was coming out and yet it was quite shocking, yet somehow you would hear about it and then two weeks later it just disappeared. Nobody was talking about it.”

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