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CARES Funding Will Help City Department Educate Citizens about Social Justice Services

The city department tasked with investigating discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations has received $13,661 in CARES Act funding to increase public awareness of its services and educate citizens of their rights.

The money is part of a nearly $1 million disbursement through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development across 17 states to assist in telework but also create stronger community ties.

For Franklin Thompson, director of Omaha’s department of Human Rights and Relations, the message is loud and clear that his and many other departments across the nation that protect people against discrimination based on facts like race, gender, sexual orientation, religious background and physical disabilities, need to connect more to the community.

“We’ve got to do better,” said Thompson, who noted similar offices are feeling the same pressure across the nation. “We’re not terrible, but we need to get out there and do better.”

Thompson said while the money may seem small in comparison to the billions flowing from the federal government right now, it will make a huge difference in his department.

Traditionally HRR has relied on going to conferences or large gatherings like Pride or information sessions at Metro Community College. They also hold quarterly meetings with […]

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