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Cardi B and Bernie Sanders’s video, and her longstanding interest in politics, explained

Last month, we learned that the 77-year-old Vermont senator met with the 26-year-old Bronx rapper in a Detroit, Michigan nail salon to talk about the issues central to his 2020 presidential campaign. The video of their exchange is finally here.

Sanders at a nail salon with Cardi B is inherently funny. The pair were clearly in on the joke, as seen in a behind-the-scenes clip the Sanders campaign posted on Instagram. But the two talked through serious issues like police brutality, student debt, wages, taxes, and jobs. They admired Cardi’s nails and gabbed about her favorite president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whom Sanders incidentally cites as an inspirational figure in his campaign for the White House.

“Well, I want to be your favorite after I’m elected,” Sanders also told her.

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He’s well on his way in her book.

In April, Cardi said, “I’ma always go with Bernie,” in a video with Teen Vogue. Sitting across from Sanders in Detroit, she made the pitch for him once again.

“Let’s feel the Bern,” she said. […]

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