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Card game aims to make climate change accessible

Grim climate change projections had made the topic intimidating for Alix Dvorak, a Lowry Hill consultant, and Adam Lupu, a business partner who lives in Tennessee.

“Climate change to me had always been something to avoid because it was too much doom and gloom [and] too much focus on [the] problem,” Lupu said.

But this year, Lupu and Dvorak said they may have found a way to make the topic more accessible and hopefully spur people into action.

They’ve created a card game called “Green House” in which players figuratively try to remove greenhouse gas from the atmo- sphere through carbon-reducing actions, such as planting trees.

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They said they hope the game gives players ideas of ways they can work together on climate change before it’s too late.

“We do have a path to victory,” Dvorak said, “but only if we actually play the solution.”

Green House has its roots in Dvorak’s environmental advocacy. After leaving her job at Cargill in 2016, Dvorak started reading up on climate change, attending conferences, participating in trainings and […]

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