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CA SB 977 Would Expand AG Review Of Healthcare Transactions

Roundtable Expert Witnesses Services for Litigators & Legal Professionals – Click her for more info. California Senate Bill (SB) 977, if passed, would broaden the type of healthcare transactions that require California Attorney General (AG) review and approval. SB 977 would require that a healthcare system, private equity group or hedge fund provide written notice to, and obtain the written consent of, the AG prior to any acquisition of or affiliation with a healthcare facility or provider. IN DEPTH

The bill defines a healthcare system as an entity that includes or owns two or more hospitals in multiple counties or three or more hospitals in one county. Acquisitions include direct or indirect purchases of any manner, including but not limited to leases, transfers (including but not limited to, any arrangement, written or oral, that alters voting control of, responsibility for, or control of the governing body of the provider), exchanges, options, receipt of conveyances, creation of joint ventures, or any other manner of purchase of all, or any part of , the assets of a healthcare facility or provider by a healthcare system, private equity group or hedge fund. The bill defines an affiliation as an agreement, association, partnership, […]

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