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Biden set to make risky economic argument against Trump

The former vice president’s campaign believes he has an opening with voters on an issue that has been a strength of Trump’s given the economic harm caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has locked down businesses and led to skyrocketing unemployment.

They plan to argue that Trump handled the pandemic poorly, is mishandling the economy, and that their candidate is the better leader to shepherd the country to a recovery.

“No one thinks the economy is in a good place right now,” said one Democratic strategist who supports Biden. “Trump got us here. And Biden can make the case that he’s the one who can lead us out of here.”

Allies say the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will lean on his record in 2009, when he was a part of the Obama administration handling the recovery from the last big recession.

The decade since that recession included tremendous growth, though the Obama administration also came under heavy criticism from the right and the left for its handling of the issue, raising questions over how effectively the experience can be used to buttress Biden.

Biden signaled his focus on the economy with an interview Friday on CNBC.His message was focused on the idea that the […]

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