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August 2019 Reads for the Rest of Us

The Feminist Know-It-All: You know her. You can’t stand her. Good thing she’s not here! Instead, this column by gender and women’s studies librarian Karla Strand will amplify stories of the creation, access, use and preservation of knowledge by women and girls around the world; share innovative projects and initiatives that focus on information, literacies, libraries and more; and, of course, talk about all of the books.

Each month, I provide Ms. readers with a list of new books being published by writers from historically underrepresented groups. The aims of these lists are threefold: I want to do my part in the disruption of what has been the acceptable “norm” in the book world for far too long—white, cis, hetersexual, male; I want to amplify amazing works by writers who are women, womxn, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, APIA, international, LGBIA+, TGNC, queer, disabled, fat, immigrant, Muslim, neurodivergent, sex-positive or of other historically marginalized identities—you know, the rest of us–and I want to challenge and encourage you all to buy, borrow and read them!

This month, I’ve chosen 19 titles to feature. You may notice some books which meet the above criteria that are not included on this list. I do leave some off that have gotten a lot of attention elsewhere—think I’m Telling the Truth, But I’m Lying by Bassey Ikpi and The Pretty One by Keah Brown—in order to make room for those which you may not be as aware of.

With so many great books coming out this month, which will you read?  […]

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