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Assemblyman Jamel Holley Releases Social Justice Toolkit for State Legislatures Across the U.S.

As governing bodies across the nation take a critical look at promoting social justice laws that are fair to all Americans, Assemblyman Jamel Holley has assembled a toolkit of recommended legislation – either introduced or adopted – designed to propel the country forward.

Holley, a vocal leader in the New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus, organized a team of research volunteers to comb through progressive state and federal legislation to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans, no matter their color, creed or ethnic origin, as well as to encourage police reforms. The result is Holley’s “Social Justice Toolkit for State Legislatures Across the U.S.”

“We have worked long and hard over the past weeks to identify laws that can be easily adopted around the country to help America begin to heal,” Holley said. “Our goal is to use the legislative process for the absolute greatest good so that we may all live, finally, in a color-blind America that ensures anyone can be treated fairly and have an equitable chance at success.”

In hand-selecting recommended bills, Holley said, there was plenty of robust discussion and debate as his volunteers came from various backgrounds in the 20 th Legislative District, which includes such diverse communities […]

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