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Andrew Yang’s big debate surprise: give 10 people $1,000 a month for a year

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang promised to spice up Thursday’s primary debate by doing “something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history” live on television.

He kept that promise by announcing in his opening statement that he would give away $1,000 a month — $120,000 a year — to 10 randomly selected families as part of a pilot program for his universal basic income proposal.

He went on to tell all viewers who “believe you can solve your problems better than any politician” to visit his website to sign up for a chance to receive the money.

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The move fits in with Yang’s unique approach to campaigning, one that began with him appearing on podcasts like the one hosted by comedian and former television host Joe Rogan, and in the videos of YouTubers like the Fung Bros, and that has more recently included weekly Twitter campaigns and crowdsurfing. Simply put, Yang campaigns in his own way, and seems to have a lot of fun while doing so:


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