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American couples in 2020: More political talk, less sex



American couples in 2020: More political talk, less sex

SALT LAKE CITY — During a tumultuous year, American couples in committed relationships report they talked politics a lot but had less sex than in the past.

But before you draw too many conclusions, the two are probably not really connected. Or at least not too connected.

The story of romantic partnerships in the United States is largely one of stability, according to trends tracked by the American Family Survey, a collaboration between the Deseret News and Brigham Young University’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy. It was released Tuesday at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

The survey found measurable change in just three types of activities from a list that’s been asked each year: Spouses or partners talked about political or social issues more, an increase of 6 percentage points in the last year and 12 points since 2015.

They had sex less often, a 5-point drop from last year and 10 points since 2015.

And they discussed their relationships less, declining 4 points since 2019 and 11 points since 2015. The core elements of romantic partnerships have changed little over time. By far the most common activity couples claim is doing nice things for one another. They […]

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