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AMA adopts new policy on training physicians in healthcare economics

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The American Medical Association is calling on medical schools and residency programs to include specific information about healthcare financing in their curricula.

The policy, which was adopted this week by AMA delegates at their interim meeting in San Diego, expands upon the AMA’s ongoing work to reform medical and residency education programs across the U.S. The AMA is recommending medical schools and residency programs address areas such as various payment models, cost effective use of diagnostic and treatment services, risk management and quality assurance.

Although accrediting bodies for both medical schools and residency programs currently require healthcare financing content be included in curricula, the AMA argues the current requirements don’t go far enough. The Liaison Committee on Medical Education, which accredits medical schools in the U.S., asks medical schools to document where in the curriculum healthcare finance is taught but the schools aren’t asked to offer the education materials provided or the subject matter addressed, according to the AMA’s reference committee report.

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