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#AM_Equality: July 31, 2020

95 DAYS Trump ’ s relationship with the truth is tenuous at best. But yesterday, our nation started the day with truly dangerous disinformation via his favorite platform , and a chilling reminder of his fundamental disregard of democratic norms. For the LGBTQ community, this means we need to unite for equality, like never before, and vote on or before November 3rd. HRC President Alphonso David responds : “There appear to be no limits to his efforts to propagate lies about the safety of this election and distract us from his failed response to COVID-19, all in order to boost his own flailing campaign.”

Combatting disinformation: With extremists like Donald Trump continuing to spread disinformation about the vote by mail process, it has become more important than ever to ensure that Equality Voters have accurate information to know how to cast their ballot. That’s why we’ve launched the Vote Equal, Vote Safe initiative .

Let’s be clear: Trump is wrong on his facts, and taking our nation in the wrong direction. With three and a half years of relentess anti-LGBTQ attacks , we need to elect leaders up and down the ballot who will believe in the mission […]

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