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#AM_Equality: July 27, 2020

99 DAYS : To end relentless, anti-equality attacks from the White House. To defeat an autocrat in waiting. To take back the soul of our democracy. HRC is ready to get this done. We’re mobilizing our grassroots army of volunteers and making clear to voters the importance of pro-equality change. A stark difference in leadership: HRC is highlighting the key attacks from the Trump-Pence Administration and the commitments from the Biden administration to undo those attacks and build a better future for LGBTQ people. More from HRC .

Get on the (virtual) bus!: “The Human Rights Campaign and our volunteers have already been hard at work contacting voters in critical states across the country,” said HRC President Alphonso David ( @AlphonsoDavid ). “This bus tour will allow us to deepen our voter engagement in these critical states. We’ll speak directly to Equality Voters across the Northeast, the Rust Belt and the Sun Belt — the voters who will decide this election — about how together, united, we can and will defeat Donald Trump and his anti-LGBTQ allies.” More from The Advocate .

MUST WATCH MONDAY — PROTEST + VOTE = CHANGE: ICYMI, watch HRC & Billy Porter’s ( […]

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