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#AM_Equality: August 5, 2020



JOIN US FOR AN EXCITING EVENT TOMORROW: On Thursday, August 6 at 7:30 p.m. EDT, on the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, the HRC Foundation is hosting Communities of Color: Communicating Safe Voting Options for November , which will share the first results of a national survey of voters of color, including LGBTQ voters of color, to determine voter sentiment in regards to vote by mail. HRC Foundation President Alphonso David ( @AlphonsoDavid ) , NAACP President Derrick Johnson ( @DerrickNAACP ), UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía ( @JMurguia_Unidos ) and Latino Victory Foundation President and CEO Nathalie Rayes ( @NathalieRayes ) will discuss the results of the survey in a panel moderated by Jamal Simmons ( @JamalSimmons ).

Interested press should RSVP to Matilda.Young@HRC.org .

Not a member of the press? We’d still love you to attend! RSVP here .

Mark your calendars: August 6th, 7:30 PM EST! @HRC Foundation President @AlphonsoDavid will be joining @DerrickNAACP , @JMurguia_Unidos @NathalieRayes , & @t_woodbury1 to discuss how POC voters view our current voting climate.

RSVP now to attend! �� https://t.co/2CpdgiotNn pic.twitter.com/dsNTgHrOt2 — Human Rights Campaign (@HRC) August 4, 2020 HRC ON KANSAS REPUBLICAN PRIMARY […]

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