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#AM_Equality: August 4, 2020



NEW RESEARCH: Amid dual health and economic crises, new data show that Black LGBTQ folks are shouldering an additional burden when it comes to the economic impacts of COVID-19. Today, HRC Foundation & PSB Insights released new data showing that Black LGBTQ people disproportionately suffer the adverse economic impact of COVID-19. The newly released data show that 31% of Black LGBTQ respondents had their work hours reduced due to COVID-19, 18% of Black LGBTQ respondents became unemployed due to COVID-19 and 36% of Black LGBTQ respondents have made changes to their household budgets.

Said HRC President Alphonso David ( @AlphonsoDavid ): “The data make clear what we have long known: that those living at the intersections of multiply marginalized identities face harsher consequences of the pandemic. It is a clarion call to policymakers that we must do all we can to combat the virus and its economic impact on multiply marginalized communities.”

Last week, California announced it will begin collecting LGBTQ-specific health data about the coronavirus, becoming the second state to do so. Inclusive data collection is vital in addressing the disproportionate risks and impacts of COVID-19 on LGBTQ people and multiply marginalized communities. […]

read more here —> www.hrc.org

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