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Ali Maresh: Pride may be over, but the fight for equality is not

Volunteers in the Pride Parade on carry the giant rainbow flag which draped the Hotel Washington site in the wake of the fire there. The end of Pride month is always a bittersweet moment for me, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I find myself ecstatic over the love and support demonstrated during Pride’s celebrations — even when they’re virtual. But as the Pride flags are lowered and the media shifts its attention, some of our allies, including government leaders, fall silent. In a state that has not passed a significant law pertaining to LGBTQ+ equality in years, we need tireless advocacy for 12 months — not one.

Equal rights is one of the main reasons I’m running to represent the 76th Assembly District. Although so much progress has been made in our country — from legalizing same-sex marriage to the most recent Supreme Court ruling protecting LGBTQ+ individuals from workplace discrimination — Wisconsin has yet to pass critical legislation that would further protect all members of our community. For example, while we have state laws in place to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation in areas such as housing, education and public accommodations, no similar protections exist for […]

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