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Advocates propose blueprint for US feminist foreign policy

A group of more than 50 foreign policy, humanitarian, and gender equality advocates and organizations unveiled a blueprint for a U.S. feminist foreign policy Thursday.

“The way we interact with the rest of the world badly needs updating,” said Heather Hurlburt, director of the New Models of Policy Change project at New America, at an online launch event.

The policy makes several bold recommendations — including that 20% of official development assistance be dedicated to programs focused on gender equality and that feminist foreign policy have White House-level leadership.

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Analysis and planning throughout every agency would be required, addressing everything from development to defense to trade.

The feminist foreign policy paper is the result of a lengthy process of discussions, research, and consultations with more than 100 feminist activists in more than 40 countries, which began in August 2018.

Advocates said that it is time for the United States to step up, and in some cases go further than other countries that have […]

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