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AdExchanger Politics: Which Campaign Benefits The Most From The COVID-19 Crisis?

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In the past couple of months, political media operatives have debated whether the coronavirus pandemic is a relative advantage for President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden.

The usual answer is that President Trump’s reelection campaign is the beneficiary, even if it faces challenges during the pandemic. If mobile communications and digital media are more important factors this year due to COVID-19, then it’s logical that the candidate with a larger online following and advertising operation would benefit.

But new factors are hard to quantify. It remains to be seen if Republicans can shift their historical advantage in turning out voters on Election Day to voting by mail or if Democrats can exploit widespread disapproval of the administration’s coronavirus response when their candidate is stuck inside.

The digital machine

President Trump’s most-cited advantage is his digital platform.Without campaign events, digital media is a more important way to reach people and get out the vote. And Trump reaches many, many more people […]

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