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AdExchanger Politics: The Fight For The Undecideds Will Decide The 2020 Race

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It’s hard to imagine that there are American voters still split between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, considering their respective tenures in the White House and the polarization of the US electorate.

But “undecideds” – the small minority of people who aren’t sure which candidate they’ll support – are shaping up to be the battleground demographic this year.

There are likely more than 10 million Americans with a propensity to vote who are truly undecided about the top of the ticket this year, said Paul Westcott, SVP of the voter data seller L2 Political.

Specifically, both candidates are fighting for the votes of white, suburban women.

There’s nothing new about that – the term “soccer mom” comes from Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign, targeting mostly college-educated, working women in their 30s and 40s. What’s different this year is that more of those votes may actually be in play. Elusive suburban women Non-political data connects undecided voting with a change to suburban […]

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