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6 things to watch as the Supreme Court hears Trump’s effort to block subpoenas

President Donald J. Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts Washington (CNN) The Supreme Court will hear three cases on Tuesday that present its most important exploration of the separation of powers in decades. The disputes test the ability of the US House of Representatives and state prosecutors to investigate a president, arising from stalled efforts to obtain financial records from President Donald Trump. The records sought trace to allegations of misconduct before Trump became president, and the disputed subpoenas were issued to his accountants and banks, not to the President directly. Trump intervened to try to block the subpoenas; he lost in lower courts. The current Supreme Court is split between five Republican-appointed conservative justices and four Democratic-appointed liberals. Chief Justice John Roberts rejects criticism about politically infused decisions. These cases will challenge that assertion and could color how the public views the court for years to come. The justices are likely to spend much of their argument time delving into the nitty gritty of presidential immunity and subpoena authority, but a fundamental question looms: Is the President is off-limits? Justice Clarence Thomas has found his moment Will the justices, particularly Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, reveal […]

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