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46 Percent of Social Media Users ‘Worn Out’ By Volume of Political Content Online

As the 2020 presidential campaigns begin in earnest and the national media devote ever more attention to the exchange of jabs between the White House and Democratic candidates, many social media users aren’t coping well with the frenzy of political content.

According to a new survey from the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of adult social media users in the U.S. feel “worn out” by the sheer number of political posts they encounter. This is nine points higher than when this question was surveyed in the summer of 2016, just as the heated Clinton-Trump presidential contest was gripping nearly every corner of the news cycle.

Only 15 percent of users reported enjoying the large volume of political content on social media.

“Across every major demographic group, there is more exhaustion than excitement over seeing political content on social media,” the report found. […]

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