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11 Young Climate Justice Activists You Need to Pay Attention To

Frenzy over Swedish climate striker Greta Thunberg reached a fever pitch last week, with just about everyone from Barack Obama to Elon Musk chipping in with endorsements.

In the age of social media and celebrity complexes, it’s easy to reduce movements to singular players. But the reality is that movements for justice have always had many leaders. We see this on immigration (DACA movement), gun control (March for Our Lives), racial justice (Black Lives Matter), and Indigenous rights (Standing Rock), to name a few.

The same can be said about the growing movement of young people who are striking for the climate and an end to the era of fossil fuels. While respect of course goes to Thunberg for initiating the first school climate strikes, there’s also a much larger story to be told about people of colour from front-line communities who have paved the way for the climate movement to grow. These youth leaders are building an intersectional movement for climate justice—to not only save the planet but fight to end systems of oppression that enable climate change.

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VICE spoke with some of these incredible young leaders, most of whom have been born into this movement to protect their lands and communities from climate disaster and corporate abuse.


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