The Republicans are coming, the Republicans are coming around?

Not so fast there Jerky. Not going to happen, and sure as hell wouldn’t be prudent would it?

We have past the point of no return here with the Grand Old Party. Rank and file have relegated themselves to their quarters – exactly as sniveling cowards do.

Those that have come around, do so only because of self-interest.

Per The Hill;

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who faces a tough reelection in a state Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won in 2016, said she asked Trump to consider a bipartisan compromise that would give certain immigrants, known as Dreamers, a path to citizenship in exchange for border security money.

Hey look, isn’t that Alanis Morrisette overthere?

That, Collins magically appears out of obscurity to show she actually cares now?

Negative there, it’s just another opportunity for her to save face after the backlash she got from her constituents – but I’ll digress – according to The Hill;

“I suggested that we take a look at the package that we put together last February and brought to the floor as a possible compromise,” Collins said, recounting her conversation with Trump during a closed-door lunch meeting in the Capitol.

I’ll spare you the other details from the usual suspects like, Little Marco Rubio, John Thune, James Lankford, et al.

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