The great American Shipwreck

November 7, 2016 a day that will live in infamy…..

I have to admit, although I didn’t support either candidate, I secretly wanted a Trump win. Careful what you wish for currently echoes in my mind. First and foremost big thank you to the DNC, especially Debbie Wassermann-Schultz and her team for the bias and abuse of power displayed against the only chance America had against a Trump presidency.

Thank you to the Clinton’s for once again putting their selfish greed above the greater good of society. Thank you to all of those who perpetuated the malfeasance against Sen. Sanders. Thank you to the Obama administration for doing nothing to stop the DNC and their atrocious display of bias and prejudice against Sen. Bernard Sanders.

Thank you to everyone who believed the Berners were immature cry babies who didn’t have a voice. Thank you to the main stream media for their unwillingness to be just and fair during the election cycle. Thank you to everyone who did nothing and watched Sen. Sanders be robbed of the chance to beat a Trump presidency. Thank you to Donna Brazil for cheating and passing debate questions to Clinton team.

Thank you John Podesta for your assistance to discredit Sen Sanders. Thank you to all involved, you are complicit in the crime against Democracy. Well enough of the thank yous. I think you get my point on why that will live in infamy. You see I am ardent in my belief that as intelligent as we think we are. We as a species still can’t learn any other way than the hardway. It took the Titanic to sink in order to finally have enough life boats on a cruise ship.

Well it now seems it takes a reality TV star becoming President of the USA, for people to finally realize the full effect the Clinton’s have had on Democratic Party. In the 90s their attempt to bring the party to the center under the guise of pragmatism proved to be disastrous for the Middle Class. Their attempt to bring forth the new world order with NAFTA destroyed our manufacturing and decimated the middle class. Their willingness to feed their ideology at whatever cost has been the catalyst of what you see today. The ripple effect their actions caused continue to have a profoundly negative impact on society.

Let that day serve as a reminder of what can and will happen when you cheat. Let that day be a reminder of the actions of bullying. Let that day remind those in total disbelief that Trump is now our President. The DNC was complicit, their inability to fight for what was right, and their inability to realize the abuse of power by the Clinton machine is responsible for POTUS Trump,

So today I give the one finger salute to you the DNC, MSM, and all those involved in allowing a Trump presidency. You had one chance to elect the socialist Jew. And you fucking blew it!

Thank you democracy, thank you greed, thank you non believers, thank you!

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