Obituary for the Free and Open Internet

On Thursday the 14th of December 2017, our beloved friend and platform for the free exchange of ideas passed away after a long struggle with greedy broadband corporations and their corporate stooges such as Ajit Pai who was sent by Verizon to assassinate Internet Freedom (more commonly known as Internet Neutrality). All its life, the Internet served us as an open platform where facts and ideas could be freely exchanged and suppressed peoples could organize their opposition to despotic regimes and lethal corporations.

It has been our platform for grassroots organizing and for getting around the propaganda, lies, and media blackout of the corporate establishment media. With corporations like Comcast and Verizon now being put in charge of what you can access on the Internet, this glimpse of hope and liberty is now doomed. Among those who keep up the fight for freedom, strengthened by the belief that faith can move mountains, there are those who hope they can replace the abysmal broadband corporations with local, municipal broadband services. Perhaps they will perform a modern day resurrection miracle in raising our beloved friend from the dead this way. Or perhaps they will create an army of local replacements that will restore freedom from ISP censorship in at least those lucky towns where they succeed. Be warned, however, that the corrupted FCC will ban states from enacting their own Net Neutrality, that corrupt politicians in some states will prohibit towns form creating their own Net Neutrality, and that Ajit Pai is already placing shackles on the FTC, lest it try to protect towns or small competitors from the corporate broadband giants.

Another remaining hope lies with making Congress stop this corporate take-over of our digital airways. To pursue this or other ideas, browse to while you still can.

Thank you for your love of our great friend. Funeral services will be privately held all over our nation. Memorial donations may be made in the Open Internet’s name to Beanstock’s World from which a book will issue when nobody can come here to read online anymore.

For those who are uncertain about the value of the fight for a free and open Internet, what we all need to remember is that the Internet is our information superhighway, and information should never be controlled by large corporations because we all know by now how badly large corporations handle good intentions.


Note: Former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai’s mission is to carve up the Internet into little pieces and give them away to giant corporate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Verizon and Comcast, sort of like selling our Interstate Highway system to toll companies. Those ISPs then want to sell them back to the public for increased monthly rates to grow their profits while making us pay more for less Internet freedom. The lessened freedom will arise from selling us packages that block out certain content unless we pay more, from throttling or blocking competitors (like Netflix as a TV competitor of Comcast), and from opening the possibility to pay these corporations for political censorship. And who has the money to pay them off? Do you? Or are those deep pockets with billionaires, their corporations, and their bought political major parties and the government?

We should be talking about how to expand Internet access as the public space it has always been, not restrict it and put corporations in control. People rely on the Internet for education, employment, small business ventures, information, and connecting with one another. We must not stand idly by while those freedoms are taken away from us. Saving or getting back Internet Freedom (a.k.a. Net Neutrality) must be part of the 2nd American Revolution.

Dirk Droll is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Beanstock’s World.


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About Dirk Droll
Dirk Droll has had many careers and lived in many places across the globe, giving him a lot of uncommon insights which he likes to share. He is the publisher, editor, and senior political writer of Beanstock's World and generously hands out the advice that, after leaving the sinking ship, there is still the ocean to contend with. Nowadays he specializes in system-critical and visionary politics, including its economic aspects.

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