Ivanka Trump the new World Bank chief?

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Several sources are reporting that Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of U.S President. Is apparently being considered as a possible successor to Jim Yong Kim. Kim who was the previous chief stepped down earlier in the week. A full three and a half years before his term was up.

Talk about the epitome of being connected. Look, we all know very well that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

The problem with that is what you see today. Too many people are in positions solely because of who they know. Sometimes without the proper knowledge to effectively handle the responsibilities that come with the role.

In my opinion, this is an underlying problem in the workforce. One that has been damaging to society as well. It is for this very reason, why it is crucial, you inform yourself and get involved. If not, the abuse of power will never end. WTF does Ivanka Trump know about banking – other than bankruptcy?

According to an article in Independent;

“Kim stepped down in 2016 to go work at Wall Street for a private equity firm. He was appointed to the position by President Obama, so it now falls on Trump to choose a successor. “


It’s bad enough Kushner and Ivanka are “advisors” to the President. The fact anyone in their right mind would consider a Trump to run a financial institution is beyond words.

As a young adult entering the workforce twenty plus years ago. I went in with the belief – if you worked hard -you would rise up the ranks. And for the most part, that mantra will never fail to succeed.

Caveat, you learn very quickly how sometimes it’s not what you know it’s who you know. This is where the distrust in the system breeds, and like a case of Herpes, if left undiagnosed – due to denial. Will eventually fester and boil to the point of isolation.

Since the dot.com boom in the 90s, coupled with deregulation. We have seen an exponential transfer of power to the few. Doesn’t matter the size of the business. Small or large we are often faced with horrible bosses. I’m ardent in my belief this is all predicated by the “fake it till you make it” mantra. Can Ivanka actually fake it that much where she will preside over the World Bank?

According to the Financial Times the World Bank;

” has traditionally been led by an American, it is now facing the prospect — much sooner than many inside the Bank could fathom — of a new president chosen by Donald Trump, who has been openly sceptical of multilateral institutions and could attempt to reshape the way it operates. “

With all things considered, especially surrounding the ever-changing landscape of scrutiny Trump et al are facing. I don’t believe Trump would dare to name her. And it seems, the board is doing its part to prevent same. The same article cites the following response from the board;

Its board has launched a selection process, vowing that it should be “open, merit-based and transparent” — meaning it would not necessarily be tied to nationality. 

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