Everything you need to know about the government shutdown

From 2015 and on, during his campaign and rallies, there were at least 20 different times Trump claimed that Mexico would pay for the infamous wall.

Most if not all – except his blind followers – knew very well that wasn’t going to happen.

Most if not all, didn’t think Trump would become President. We all know how that played out.

Fast forward to today and Trump has shut down the Government in an attempt to force Congress and the American people to pay for an unnecessary wall.

Like a petulant child crossing her arms and stomping her feet to get what she wants. Hundreds of thousands of America’s working class government employees are sitting at home without pay.

Some points from the article from Washington Post…

Trump continues to demand more than $5 billion for a U.S.-Mexico border wall as a condition for reopening the government, while Democrats say they won’t agree to any new money for the wall.

Post does a great job in detailing where we are. Currently, Wednesday stretched the shutdown to its 18th day.

And the more importantly the latest temper tantrum from the “mean girl” in the Whitehouse.

The latest talks, on Wednesday afternoon, collapsed in acrimony and disarray, with the president walking out of the White House meeting and calling it “a total waste of time” after Democrats rejected his demand for border funding.

It’s become crystal clear that the self-proclaimed deal maker can’t get anything accomplished. Nonetheless, with over 800k employees affected, the GOP is starting to waiver.

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