Reflections of an American Society

February 25, 2018 Carlos Barberena 0

True Story: So I’m at a networking event the other day. C-Level execs only. I wait my time to meet the featured speaker. Prominent political socialite. A who’s who in this town. Me: Great pleasure to meet you Sir, as a fellow immigrant I valued your story. I’m also pleased to hear of your commitment and involvement in local politics. (Typical conversation. Until the smart-ass in me, wants to challenge him… I decided to ask a question earlier but was not surprised he took some softballs from the crowd. So, I decided to be a gentlemen about it and ask […]

Financial Security for All — Yes, we can afford it!

December 28, 2017 Dirk Droll 0

One of the main arguments made against keeping alive our welfare programs, and also against creating such wonderful things as job creation programs (like under FDR) and a universal basic income (UBI), is the claim that our government doesn’t have enough money to pay for them, or that to pay for them, the government would have to steal from hard-working people by raising their taxes. This is a very popular argument a lot of people firmly believe in. It is also completely and utterly wrong! I have long wanted to show this in a simple way. The most simple way I […]

Capitalism Breeds the Lonely, Alienated Men Who Become Mass Killers?

November 7, 2017 Curation Bot 2

Economically, he was one of the growing millions without a secure, meaningful, socially approved, well-paid job. He had previously amassed money by buying and selling real estate, but had no ongoing job. He lacked the relationships that flow from working with others to accomplish a shared goal where each person has a part to play. The…

U.S. one of 13 Nations to Vote Against Measure Condemning Gay Death Penalty

October 5, 2017 Curation Bot 0

The United States was one of 12 nations, including some of the most repressive nations on Earth, to oppose against a United Nations motion condemning the death penalty for those in same-sex relationships, blasphemers and adulterers. The United States was one of 13 nations to vote in Geneva against a United Nations Human Rights Council motion…

Anti-Fascists Battle Far Right Neo-Nazis In Sweden

October 1, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

Neo-Nazis and anti-fascist demonstrators clashed Saturday on the streets of Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s largest cities, in violence that saw dozens of people arrested. Hundreds of people were present for a march organized by the far-right Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR), an extremist group that wants to unify the northern European Nordic nations under National Socialist rule.…