A rose colored view

December 8, 2018 Carlos Barberena 0

So I  just finished reading the actual filing for Cohen’s sentencing. And boy is it damming. In my opinion this is a must read, in order to fully understand the ramifications he’s faced with. Cohen Sentencing Memorandum Moreover, it paints a picture of the complicity of  “individual-1” an unindicted co-conspirator aka Donald J.Trump. What is more, is that by the President’s own admission – “Cohen, did me a favor“-  through this filing, we now know exactly what that favor was. The argument of indicting a sitting President rest solely on the technicalities of “collusion” not being a crime. Therefore, the SDNY has […]

Reflections of an American Society

February 25, 2018 Carlos Barberena 0

True Story: So I’m at a networking event the other day. C-Level execs only. I wait my time to meet the featured speaker. Prominent political socialite. A who’s who in this town. Me: Great pleasure to meet you Sir, as a fellow immigrant I valued your story. I’m also pleased to hear of your commitment and involvement in local politics. (Typical conversation. Until the smart-ass in me, wants to challenge him… I decided to ask a question earlier but was not surprised he took some softballs from the crowd. So, I decided to be a gentlemen about it and ask […]

The great American Shipwreck

January 9, 2018 Carlos Barberena 0

November 7, 2016 a day that will live in infamy….. I have to admit, although I didn’t support either candidate, I secretly wanted a Trump win. Careful what you wish for currently echoes in my mind. First and foremost big thank you to the DNC, especially Debbie Wassermann-Schultz and her team for the bias and abuse of power displayed against the only chance America had against a Trump presidency. Thank you to the Clinton’s for once again putting their selfish greed above the greater good of society. Thank you to all of those who perpetuated the malfeasance against Sen. Sanders. […]

A new tide of hope to protect Hainan reefs?

October 4, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

Restoration of the precious resource and ensuring its survival is Chen Hong’s lifetime mission What lies beneath has intrigued Chen Hong since childhood and he has devoted his life to exploring the mysteries of the seas, especially the “lungs of the oceans”, coral reefs. “Look, these are coral seedlings we planted in Xisha in April 2014.…

Conjecture, misinformation, and fake news.

October 4, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

“Five Glaring Inconsistencies in the Vegas Shooting that Need to be Addressed” – Free Thought Project Okay people I’m one that questions everything possible – fact is I’ve been labeled a conspiracy theorist before – notwithstanding I try to remain open minded. What this article is purporting is nothing but conjecture based on the writers opinion. In my opinion this is click bait, which further fuels hysteria, moreover misinformation. Which is becoming a huge problem in today’s connected world. I’ll digress on entertaining a diatribe on the ramifications and instead dive into the article and explain why I feel the […]

Chinese scientists discover possible way to stop spread of malaria

October 1, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

Chinese scientists have found a way that may possibly stop mosquitoes spreading malaria, a serious infectious disease that the World Health Organization said took the life of one child every two minutes around the globe. The disease affects between 200 million and 300 million people worldwide every year according to the WHO. Mosquitoes spread the disease…

Anti-Fascists Battle Far Right Neo-Nazis In Sweden

October 1, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

Neo-Nazis and anti-fascist demonstrators clashed Saturday on the streets of Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s largest cities, in violence that saw dozens of people arrested. Hundreds of people were present for a march organized by the far-right Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR), an extremist group that wants to unify the northern European Nordic nations under National Socialist rule.…

America Conned for Over 30 Years by Republican Party

October 1, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

The Republican Party has been running a long con on the American people, and Trump’s new tax cut proposals are just the latest iteration on it. This con involves getting Democrats to shoot Santa Claus (Clinton cutting welfare/Obama proposing the chained CPI cut to Social Security) and using tax policy to put a jolly old Saint…

Joe Arpaio With Big Plans in Fresno, California

September 30, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

On a speech on Friday in Fresno, California, Joseph M. Arpaio, billed on the evening’s program as “America’s toughest sheriff,” delighted local Republicans with his pronouncements. He promised to restart his investigation into the veracity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, suggested he might run for a congressional seat, perhaps the one held by Arizona’s Senator…

Associate of the Man Who Hired Michael Flynn as a Lobbyist Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller

September 30, 2017 Carlos Barberena 0

The special prosecutor investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election has subpoenaed an associate of Gen. Michael Flynn’s Turkish lobbying client. The subpoena, a copy of which was obtained by ProPublica, ordered Sezgin Baran Korkmaz to testify before a grand jury in Washington on Sept. 22. “The grand jury is conducting an investigation of possible…