A rose colored view

So I  just finished reading the actual filing for Cohen’s sentencing. And boy is it damming. In my opinion this is a must read, in order to fully understand the ramifications he’s faced with.

Cohen Sentencing Memorandum

Moreover, it paints a picture of the complicity of  “individual-1” an unindicted co-conspirator aka Donald J.Trump. What is more, is that by the President’s own admission – “Cohen, did me a favor“-  through this filing, we now know exactly what that favor was.

The argument of indicting a sitting President rest solely on the technicalities of “collusion” not being a crime. Therefore, the SDNY has not done so. Several arguments have been expounded on the validity of same. Most can agree to disagree, with a strong caveat. 

What we are experiencing with Russia-gate and the crimes against democracy. Has never been seen at this level, and although experts and scholars agree that impeachment may not be the right response. We cannot allow things like our democracy to have no defense and/or consequences against “foreign intervention.”

“History Suggests Proving Collusion Between the Trump Campaign and Russia May be Impossible”

I’ll digress on the juxtaposition postured by Professor Dov H. Levin, who is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong.

According to his bio, his “main research project is on the causes, effects, and effectiveness of partisan electoral interventions by great powers, a topic on which he has published multiple scholarly articles.”

I won’t entertain his position for the simple fact, that history often repeats itself, until something changes. However, I do believe what we have witnessed with the results of the SCO and Robert Mueller’s investigations, that we do have enough to impeach Donald Trump. 

Again, let’s digress on the collusion and focus on the myriad of issues that have led up to his position in the Whitehouse. For me, Trump epitomizes the “man in the machine.” He is the poster child for abuse of power. 

A power that has been reached through numerous accounts of abuse, fraud, deception, and collusion. Collusion may be difficult to prove as a crime, but what he was colluding for – like Cohen – are crimes. And we as a society cannot allow for this type of unfettered behavior to continue. 

As Madison wrote in Federalist 51,

“Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place.”

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